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I like the fact that the Divisio it's a great tool watch that has a lot of details that only the wearer can notice but would be a great conversation starter if someone approaches you with that phrase '' nice watch, what is that'', to us watch nerds this is what we like, someone opening the pandora box for us. Read the full review.

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"I personally love the way the light bounces around the dial and I’m sure anyone that purchases the Diviso will feel the same!" -Watch Junky

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There is very little to fault in the Diviso: the Roebuck Watch Company has made a superb watch at a great price, and I can highly recommend picking one up if you like the way it looks. Visit Wristwatch Review UK on Youtube and their website.

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WATCHA: Splitting influences with the Divisio

It’s a versatile timepiece that would look great in any collection. Read the Review Here!

Roebuck Diviso Review

A tremendous review of the Diviso

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A fantastic unboxing of the Diviso

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Marshall Time Review

"Roebuck...Very nice. You have a winner here!"

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A very unique looking dial face...

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"The dial layout and the small details make the beauty shine!"

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"It is quite an eye-catching piece in person!"

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The Budding Watch Enthusiast

"The dress watch for folks who don't like dress watches"

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While the dial design is pretty fantastic, the real star of this watch is the case finishing.  The combination of finishes that Guy was able to achieve with this watch is superb and speaks of higher price-points and quality.  A well-executed polished edge accents brushed recesses in the case sides.  The embossed crowns are given the same treatment and showcase a combination of brushed and polished accents.  I found that the finishing of this watch allowed it to catch the light in a multitude of ways that helped it toe the line between a sports watch and a dress watch despite the fact that no one would mistake this watch for a dress watch.

Novel Carry - Review: Roebuck Watch Co. – Diviso

“Diviso” is Italian for “split,” a name that applies in more ways than one as the watch is split by a band of color, has an internal timing bezel to split timekeeping functions, and has a personality split between diving (the compressor-style case) and driving (the racing striped dial). However you interpret it, the Diviso is an attractive piece.

The Time Bum -  The Roebuck Diviso 

Wearing the Roebuck Diviso is a fairly easy proposition. With the case only measuring in at 12mm thick, it’s a simple thing to slip under a cuff. When it pops out, you’ll have the light catching on the polished bezel and edge accents of the case, while the other brushed surfaces absorb it a bit more (yup, I’m a fan of alternating case finishes as well). You’ll also have light catching on that bezel insert as well. 

The Wrist Watch Review -  An early review of the Roebuck Diviso