The Diviso, 2020's first release, has arrived and is on sale!

The Diviso

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"The dress watch for folks who don't like dress watches"

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Hands on Reviews

“Diviso” is Italian for “split,” a name that applies in more ways than one as the watch is split by a band of color, has an internal timing bezel to split timekeeping functions, and has a personality split between diving (the compressor-style case) and driving (the racing striped dial). However you interpret it, the Diviso is an attractive piece.

The Time Bum -

Wearing the Roebuck Diviso is a fairly easy proposition. With the case only measuring in at 12mm thick, it’s a simple thing to slip under a cuff. When it pops out, you’ll have the light catching on the polished bezel and edge accents of the case, while the other brushed surfaces absorb it a bit more (yup, I’m a fan of alternating case finishes as well). You’ll also have light catching on that bezel insert as well.

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